Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cheap Prom Dresses! (And homecoming dresses!)

Since school just started, or is starting in a few weeks for some of you, it's probably way early to think about prom. And if there's any dance we should be thinking of, it should be fall homecoming. But if you want to get a bargain on your prom dress, or even your homecoming dress, it wouldn't be a bad idea to look now. Especially if you know you'll be on a tight budget for either of these dances, or you may not have the money to buy an expensive dress. And I know that sometimes the reason for not going to these dances is that not everyone can afford the full prices of these dresses, and everything that comes along with it. But if you can cut down the price of the most expensive part of prom or homecoming, the dress, you could afford to go... or even spend more money on other parts of your prom or homecoming outfit. 

If you read my back to school haul blog post, you may have seen that I got my prom dress for only $10.00 from Debs! (I'll be sure to update this post with a picture as soon as I can get one) And the dress is amazing! Now all I have to do is get some shoes and accessories to go with it! The dress was originally $159.99, so I'd say its most definitely a steal! The only thing is, the selection is rather small, and in some areas may not even be available, but it's always worth a try! If you have a Deb's in your area, you  should definitely check it out! Deb's also has an amazing selection of homecoming dresses, clubbing outfits, and casual and dressy outfits. 

You can even get a gorgeous homecoming dress for a very low price. Homecoming type of dresses usually have a much larger selection. And if you look on the clearance racks, you can find a homecoming dress for as little as $5.00 (you'll usually REALLY need to look, but it's worth it!) Most clearance items will be a lot less then $40.00. Don't be afraid to look for a bargain! And you don't only have to look for formal outfits, Deb's has many everyday outfits on their clearance racks as well! 

Times are tough, and it can be hard to pay full price for prom and homecoming dresses. But the price of the dress shouldn't be a reason to not go to these dances and have a good time if you can find a dress at a lower cost. And you'll look just as fabulous as if you would have paid full price. And if you save money on the dress, you can even spend more on accessories, and even get your hair and nails done for the dance. You can even put the extra money into other outfits for school or other casual events! If you know of a place where you may be able to find a prom or homecoming dress at a low price, be sure to check it out! (If you know any place other then Deb's that sells prom and homecoming dresses at low prices, feel free to let others know in the comments!) 

Here is the website for Deb's to give you a taste of what they might have, but of course you can find even bigger bargains in the store!:

And of course it's always okay to pay full price if you wish! It's your night and you should make it the way you've always dreamed of it being! Just don't let high prices stop you from going and having a good time. Just be sure to get their quick as selection is very little, and may run out soon on prom dresses. Price and availability depend on your location. 

***FTC Disclaimer: I am not being paid or sponsored by any of the companies mentioned in this post. All opinions are my own***


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