Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back To School: Organization

Hey everyone, I finally filmed my video on how I organize for school. These are the things that I find work best for me. Feel free to take a few tips from this video and mix them with other ideas. Remember that different techniques work for different people, and what works for one person may not work for another person. So most definitely check out other peoples videos! I didn't go into a whole lot of detail in my video, so I'll put a few extra details here. And feel free to leave a comment on your techniques for organization in the comments. :) I may do a separate blog for how I study for tests. 

My Take Home "Binder":

So I like to have a separate binder for every class, but I don't want to carry them all home every night to do my homework, especially since I walk to school. So I like to carry an accordion pocket folder instead. It's lighter then a trapper keeper, and I also don't have to worry much about things falling out of it on the way home, or in the halls. I'll store some papers from classes that I don't feel really need a binder in it as well such as computer classes and art classes. I also like to keep all my loose leaf paper in the back of it. It's a lot more convenient than having to clip and un-clip binder rings every time you need paper. I'll use a different pocket for different things so they don't get as mixed up. Since my folder has 7 pockets I may organize it like this (for example):
-Loose Leaf Paper
-Art Classes
-Quest Papers (Quest in an elective class I'm taking, mostly a community service kind of thing)
-Papers/ letters from the school
-papers to get signed/ papers from choir
-papers from any other minor class
Which classes I put in here will mostly depend on how the class goes. I might put cooking classes in here as well if they don't give out a lot of papers, or any other class with few papers.

One Class Binders:

These are for classes that would give out more papers, like sociology/ psychology classes, English classes, or math and science if I had those classes. Depending on the class, I might also use this for a foods class or other electives. I don't have dividers in these because after a test I'll keep things that I feel are important (tests,quizzes, power point notes, handouts) in it and put everything else in a storage bin. I'll just keep different chapters together in order that we studied them. I like to put the class syllabus in a plastic protective sheet so that it doesn't get as ripped up. The class syllabus outlines the general details of the class. 

5 subject notebook:

I like to keep my locker as clutter free as possible, so I use a 5 subject notebook rather then a different notebook for each class. I also don't have to worry about bringing the wrong notebook to class, LOL. I'll just use a different section for each different class. I may even use the same section for a similar class in the second semester. My classes don't always give out a whole lot of notes, so I don't need a big notebook for each class. If your teacher collects notebooks, I wouldn't go with this method for that class!Teachers will usually tell you if they collect notebooks or not the first few days of school. Also this wasn't mentioned in my video, but I like to take notes in different colors to make it more appealing to the eye. 

The whoopsie folder:

Even though I have a pretty good morning routine, I'll share this in a future blog, it sometimes slips my mind to bring my things to school. LOL! And I don't always realize I forgot my things until I'm halfway up the street or already at school. So I like to keep a folder with some extra paper and a pencil in it just in case. Though I did leave all my homework at home, I'll still have something to get through the day. It's never good to leave your things at home though, haha. And always be sure to bring back the whoopsie folder along with your usual things  the next day. The whoopsie folder can also come in handy if you are running low on paper, or cant find a pencil. You'll always know you have one in your locker. This could also be brought to class on a low class work day, like exam days when you don't need all of your things. 


I highly recommend that you get some kind of planner to write your assignments in. Most schools will supply one, but not all, especially not in college. But if you don't like your schools planner, or if your school doesn't supply one you could always buy a cuter one. Walmart has some cute ones for really cheap. You could also get a plain little notebook to write your assignments down in. Make sure to write all of your assignments down in your planner when you get them, that way you won't have to ask anyone later. And you won't wind up doing more problems on a worksheet then you have to! Planners can also be used to mark important dates such as tests. They can even be used for personal things like appointments, birthdays, and more! You may also want to write different classes assignments in different colors. For example: English assignments in pink, history in blue, science in green, ect. It's really up to you :)

Pencil Bag:

I like to keep my pencil bag in my purse so I'm way less likely to forget it. I keep things like pencils, pens, highlighters, white out tape, and an eraser in this. My pencil bag is a make-up bag I had since 6th grade. Just the basics that we all need for school. :P

I will do another blog on my note taking and study method, but maybe after school starts so that I can show a better example. But I haven't decided yet. Of course I'll take home the one class binders when i need to study for that test, but I don't take all of them home at once. How do you like to organize for school? Let me know in the comments of this blog or on my video. You can even leave a video response on YouTube if you want :) Also feel free to link to organizational videos you made, or ones you like on this post. 


  1. Just found your blog today and just wanted to let you know that I think your background is absolutely adorable! <3

  2. Okay I LOVE YOU. There I said it. I love this blog and it's one of the best blogs I've seen so far! You're such a talented writer! Keep blogging! xD