Monday, August 13, 2012

My School Morning Routine

We all know that a good, organized morning routine, can really help to start off an amazing and organized day. It can greatly reduce your chances of forgetting something as you head out, and help you accomplish everything you feel the need to accomplish. And of course different people will want to do different things in the morning. Some may want to take longer on their hair and make-up, some might want some time to sit at the computer or watch some TV before school. Some may even want to just get up and go. Morning routines can often be shortened by taking care of a few things at night (I'll probably post my nightly routine tomorrow), or by taking a few parts out of your routine if you wish to sleep longer. 

So this is going to sound VERY crazy, but I usually wake up at 4:30 am, which is REALLY early. (Also why my routine may not work for everyone.) But this allows me the time to get through everything I want to get done, especially since my beauty routine tends to take a while, with putting in my extensions (since I'm rather new to it.) and styling my hair, and putting on my make- up. It also allows me enough time to eat breakfast, and even relax on YouTube for a bit before I head out to school. Some parts of my routine aren't really necessary or needed, but I like to have them in my routine.

So here is what I do...

Wake up at 4:30, to a song from my iPod- Waking up to a good song is much better then waking up to BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP, especially at 4:30 in the morning. I like to switch out the songs so I don't get sick of using one song. Music is really relaxing to wake up to, and you can even continue to play it as you get ready (as long as you don't have to worry about disturbing anyone, or keep in on a low volume). You could also use a happy and cheerful ringtone as your alarm. But if you don't feel this will get you out of bed, you may want to stick to the annoying beeps. Also it's not the best idea to use the tempting snooze button to much, LOL. You don't wanna be late for school. 

Eat breakfast- I wrote a post on how important it is to eat breakfast, especially on a school day! Breakfast gives you more energy, and holds you over until lunch, since you can't just eat when you feel hungry at school. Breakfast shouldn't be skipped, even for time purposes. Cereal bars can be great if you are in a hurry. I'll sometimes make my bed while my toast is in the toaster to save even more time. 

Make the bed if i haven't already- When the bed is made, it's less tempting to crawl back into bed. A one minute nap could turn into "AHH! I'm Late!" or even "OMG I JUST MISSED SCHOOL!" by accident. It's also nice to come back home to a straightened up room and a made bed (and making the bed can make a huge difference in how clean your room looks and feels. 

Brush teeth- This one is for obvious reasons, LOL. I like doing this after I eat, because I wouldn't see much point in brushing your teeth BEFORE breakfast, just to get them dirty again in a few minutes. Nobody likes bad breath, so I like to take care of if before I start doing my hair and make- up. 

Style my hair- This will tend to take the longest because I put in hair extensions, and I'm new to it so it takes me a bit longer. I also like to style it before my extensions go in so It'll be easier to blend them, and then fix it up once the extensions are in. I may even do a little bit more with it sometimes. I like to cut down on time by using overnight curling methods on both my natural hair, and the extensions. But of course straightening must be done in the morning. As well as putting in the extensions. If you don't use hair extensions, your time is cute down by a lot. 

Put on my make-up- This can sometimes take a while for me to, since I like the colors I use to go good with what I'm wearing that day, and I like to try out many different things with my make-up. I love colorful make-up! :) Usually I start with my foundation, bronzer, and blush. Then I'll move on to my eyes.

Change into my school clothes and accessorize- I usually like to get ready in my pajamas, LOL, and I don't know why. My outfit is usually picked out at night before bed so that I know what I'll wear and I can plan out how I'll do my hair and make-up to go with it. 

Relax time- If I have time, I like to sit and relax and watch some YouTube videos. I like using the computer in the morning because it keeps my mind somewhat active so I don't fall back asleep, but it's not stressful. I'll also check the weather to make sure the report hasn't changed from the night before to see if I'll need to bring an umbrella or jacket. 

Check through everything- This part sometimes gets left out when I get in a hurry, and it's often bad when I don't do this. I like to make sure I have my keys, lunch money, homework, and anything else I may need for the day before I walk out the door. I also like to take one last look in the mirror to make sure everything looks okay. And maybe fix a few quick things. Usually if i don't do this I'll forget something. Whether my books, keys, money, or anything... It's not fun to leave things at home. 

Leave for school around 7:00- School starts about 7:30, and it takes me 10-15 minutes to walk to school. I allow extra time in case of icky weather, or if i need to take care of something in the morning. I also get plenty of time to socialize or eat breakfast if i didn't when I woke up. I also don't need to worry about being late for a class if I get there before the first bell rings at 7:25. But I'm not sitting at school for to long before school starts either. 

I really could cut back on time by taking a few parts out of my morning routine, but I like my routine as is. What do you do on a school morning? I'd love to know in the comments :) I'll be posting my nightly routine either tomorrow or Wednesday. 


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