Monday, August 6, 2012

Back To School Haul

I went back to shopping over the weekend, and finally filmed my haul today! Since I'm new to making videos, it isn't a perfect video, but I'll try to get better with filming. I hope you guys enjoy it. The things I bought were from Debs, Claire's, Marshall's, Sam's Club, and Walmart. I didn't buy very many school supplies because i will reuse the ones that I can. I mentioned this money saving tip in my last post. An organizational video is also coming sometime this week or next. Feel free to leave any video requests in the comments of my video, or here on my blog. 

*pricing and availability may vary based on your location. Prices are in US dollars.

Bangles- $10.50   $2.00
Earrings- $9.99   $2.00
Silver Necklace- $13.50   $2.00
Gold Necklace- $9.50   $2.00
1st Top- $29.50   $9.99
2nd Top w/ belt- $32.60   $9.99
Black Zebra Top- $20.50   $7.99
Jeans- $32.99   $12.49
I didn't show it, but I already bought my prom dress (I may blog on this)- $159.99   $10.00!!!!
I forgot to show my shoes, but I got these shoes as well:

The black pair was originally $18.50, and the white pair was 24.50. I got each pair for $6.00.

Claires (10 for $10)
Pink and Gold Earrings- $8.50   $1.00
Brass hooped earrings with bead- $8.50   $1.00
Magenta flower headband- $5.50   $1.00
Butterfly Ring- $5.50   $1.00
White feather loop earrings- $9.00   $1.00
Bracelets- I couldn't find the original price, LOL   $1.00
Gold Bangles- $6.50   $1.00
Butterfly hood earrings- $9.00   $1.00
Stretchy Pink Bracelet- $6.00   $1.00
Gold headband- $8.50   $1.00

Black and white ruffle top- $16.99   $10.00
Pink Shirt- $16.99
Blue, Yellow, and Black swoop neck top- $14.99   $7.50
Colorful top- $16.99   $7.50
Red Leopard Print Shirt- $19.99   $3.00
White Jeans- $29.99   $10.00

Sam's Club
Nail Art Pens (I will review these and make tutorials with them)- $40.00   $20.00
Planner- $8.98

Top- $14.00
Skirt- $13.94
Trendy Tops (Cami like, I'll review these as well)- $10.88
Rollers- $8.48
Binders- 3.97 each.
5 subject notebook- $3.97
These things were bought a while ago and I forgot the prices:
Accordion Folder
Erasers- I believe they cost less then $1.00
Loose Leaf Paper
Mechanical Pencils

***FTC Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me with my own money. None of these products were given to me for free. I am not being paid for this blog. All opinions are my own***

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