Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back To School: New School Years Resolutions

Many of us make new years resolutions as January 1st approaches. Whether it be to get in better shape, be kinder to others, or to try certain things. We all have some kind of goal as New Years approaches. And like many others, I like to make similar kinds of goals as a new school year approaches as well. It's always important to have some kind of goal for the start of every school year. Whether it be an academic or social goal, or a goal in a sport or extra curricular activity (you could also make it a goal to join an extra curricular activity if you aren't already in one). You should always have something to aim for, whether it be big or small. You may want to become a little more outgoing, or even be friendlier to others. Or wanting to earn a certain grade in a class, or scoring so many points in your sport or breaking your old records. You could even have a fashion or beauty goal if you wish. Whatever your goal is, keep at it until you get there, and don't be afraid to go beyond your goal. 

When making your new school years resolutions, try to make at least one academic goal, as these will impact your future the most. Make it challenging, but realistic. For example, you may want to earn a A or B in a class you usually struggle in, but you shouldn't set your goal to get an A on every test. But of course test grades can make good short term goals to help you reach your longer term goal, and short term goals should be made anywhere. Your goal for the test grade should be based on how well you understand the current material, if you understand it very well, by all means shoot for an A. But if you struggle with it, try to shoot for at least a C or B (never go any lower then a C!). You may also make it a goal to earn certain grades on your report card, be it all A's and B's, or even all A's (this should depend on you and how well you usually do in school). And don't forget to ask for help from a teacher or parent, or even a friend when you feel like you're having trouble. 

You may also want to make a few social goals as well, especially if you tend to be shy. You may want to try to be a little more outgoing, and talk to people you wouldn't normally talk to (you never know who might make a good friend!) You might even want to be kinder to others if you haven't been in the past, or you want to be an even better person than before. It can even be a goal to make at least one new friend. You shouldn't say I'll be friends with everyone, but at least try to get along with everyone (and not let unfriendly people get to you.) And don't forget to stay true to yourself, and the friends you already have. Make it a goal to never give into peer pressure. <3 

If you play a sport you could aim to score a certain amount of points in a season, or to break your previous records. Or even make it a goal to get closer with your teammates. You could also try to make a sport that you really want to play later in the year, or even work towards making it next year. If you aren't athletic, you could always join other clubs like choir, band, drama club, and other organizations. It's good to be involved in something outside of the school day. Sports and other clubs are a great way to make new friends, and learn to work with other people. If you are in an activity like choir or band, maybe work up the courage try to get a solo. You may also want to try to get a big role in a school play if you are in the school's drama club. (Quick question: what after school activities do you like to take part in?)

Just remember, almost all goals will take time and effort. You can't expect everything to go perfect the first day of school. Don't be afraid to ask for help, and always practice at things you're having trouble with. Keep your head up :) Even if you don't reach your goal, don't beat yourself over it. Try to find out what you can improve on and keep trying. Never give up! And remember that it's always amazing to go beyond your goal :)

Here are a few of my new school years resolutions:

I want to try to be a little more outgoing and be friendlier to people I wouldn't normally talk to.
I want to earn at least all A's and B's this year, closer to all A's!
Maybe work up the courage to sing a solo in choir!
Procrastinate less on important things like homework and projects.
Read some books from the school library on things that I wouldn't normally read about.
Stop sleeping in class, this may require me to get a better nights sleep, LOL.
Start taking the future more seriously and look into college, since I am a senior
Make the most out of my last year of high school :)

What are you goals for the new school year? Are you working on any goals that go beyond this upcoming school year? How do you keep going towards your goal, even when it gets hard? Let me know in the comments :)

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