Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sorry for the lack of posts

If you haven't noticed... I haven't been posting at all in the last few weeks. School has made me rather tired and I just haven't found the energy or the inspiration to post anything. This is probably because of the lack of sleep I've been getting. But don't worry more posts are coming soon and I will try to post as often as I can, I will try to shoot for at least one or two posts per week! I have some new ideas for posts, including more tips about school, homecoming, and much more. Hope everyone is a having a great and glambitious start to their school year!

Here are a few posts coming in the next couple weeks: 
-Whats in my purse
-Study Hall Survival
-Dealing With Bullying
-Packing A Healthy Lunch
-Nails of the week (This will become a weekly post as i redo my nails every week :D)
-Make-up Tutorials (including my most often used looks)
-Girl Talk Posts
-and more :D

Feel free to leave any suggestions for future blog posts! :) I missed you all!

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