Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nails of the Week (NOTW): Fun Fall Colors

School has begun and the summer is coming to an end. With fall officially starting in just a few weeks, I decided it would be fun to make this weeks manicure an ombre sort of effect of fun fall colors. I'm not the best at doing my nails, so i couldn't quite get the colors to fade one into another, but I still LOVE the effect that it created by using rougher, less crisp lines. I used colors from my Migi Nail Art set. But you can use similar colors from what ever brand you wish. I also added a thin layer of silver glitter polish onto my nails just for a little bit off sparkle (you'll want to make sure that the glitter goes on very thin, rather then thick so it doesn't cover the colors underneath.) 

This probably is not the best picture in the world, LOL. I had to take it quickly in art class before I began working with clay (surprisingly this polish is actually still in-tact, and looking great! Even after working with messy clay!) The colors I used were yellow, orange, hot pink, and red, with a tiny bit of glitter on top. I think it turned out really well, especially since I'm not always all that patient when it comes to painting my nails, LOL. 

Here is how I did it:

*I did not use a base coat, I have yet to purchase one. Though I would recommend using one if you have one.
-Step 1: I Started off by painting my nails with the lightest color first, yellow. I wanted my nails to get darker in color towards the top, and also putting the lightest color on first keeps you from having to use as many coats of it. 
-Step 2: When the yellow polish was dry I added in orange about 1/4 of the way up my nail (it really doesn't need to be perfect, but you don't want to cover the yellow at the bottom, and you also want to leave room for your last two colors.) Bring the polish all the way to the top of your nail, leaving the bottom yellow.
-Step 3: After the orange polish dried I added hot pink about half way up my nail. Be careful not to cover up all of the orange at the bottom part, and bring the pink to the top. And remember to leave room for the last color!
-Step 4: The last color I added after the hot pink dried was red, about 3/4 of the way up, and all the way to the top, leaving pink underneath it. 
*On all steps that i added a color i just kind of threw on the polish (well, without getting it all clumpy and messy anyways, LOL) to create a more slightly jagged, ombre-ish line that seems to flow a little more, rather then making clean crisp lined. This really adds to the effect!
-Step 5 (this is more optional): I wanted to add a little sparkle and extra fun to my nails, so i added a thin layer of silver glitter polish. You wont want to use a glitter that goes on to think, but just adds a tiny bit of sparkle. 
-Step 6: Finish off with your favorite top-coat

So what do you think of my first Nails of the week post? I will do these as often as I can for the week, and try to add in a tutorial. Would you try this nail design? Have you ever done something similar to this? Let me know in the comments of this post! 

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