Saturday, June 2, 2012

What to take to the pool or beach?

One of my favorite parts of summer time is going swimming. I love taking a refreshing dip in the pool on a hot summer day. But you can't go to the pool empty handed! So I have decided to make today's post on what I like to  put in my pool/ beach bag when I head out to go swimming. You can always give or take a few things. But here are the things I find to be crucial:

Bathing Suit (of course!) It's always important that your bathing suit fits you correctly, not to lose or to tight, to avoid a potential swimsuit malfunction! Also, always pick a bathing suit you feel comfortable in. If you don't want to wear a bikini, you could always find a cute one piece, or a tankini (two piece like a bikini, but with a more tank top like top, you may of already known that though :P) Here's a picture of what I'm taking about:

*if you wear your bathing suit under your clothes, don't forget to pack a bra and an extra pair of undies!

Towel- Even if you just plan to sit out and relax rather then get in the water, a towel is always nice to lay on! And it's never fun to have to walk around dripping wet after a swim! 

Sunscreen! I can not stress this enough! Especially if you are going to be at an outdoor pool (as for indoor pools at recreation centers, you may be able to skip out on this. But if you are going to be spending any time outside, even if you are not swimming, you need to wear sunscreen!) At the very least I would go with SPF 15 if I was trying to get a tan. But it's best to go with SPF 30 or higher, depending on how sensitive your skin is. It's always best to play it safe. Sunburns are painful and can cause premature aging and other potential problems down the road. You should still wear sunscreen on a cloudy day, because UV radiation still gets through.

Something to hold your hair back- I was actually thinking of doing a post on hairstyles to wear to the pool. You can of course always go with a simple ponytail, or even wear a swimming cap! Just as long as it keeps your hair out of your way (especially if you have longer hair). It also helps to keep your hair from getting tangled and messy while your swimming. 

A hair brush- to brush out any tangles you may have gotten in your hair while swimming. having you hair tied back will reduce the amount of tangles you get. 

A plastic bag to put your wet things in- this is simply to protect other items in your bag from getting wet after swimming.

Sunglasses- Mostly to protect your eyes when you are lounging on the beach or by the pool. I know it can be hard to wear sunglasses if you wear glasses like i do. But transitions lenses will work perfectly to protect your eyes from the bright sun. 

Water bottle- Since you can't drink water from the pool, lake or ocean (I mean it would be quite icky and not very healthy!) You need to have water to keep you hydrated. Especially on a really hot day. 

I also like to take these things with me sometimes, but these are (almost) COMPLETELY optional:

Something to read- If you just plan to relax by the pool, it's always nice to have a book or magazine to read.

iPod- i would be careful about bringing this, if it was going to be unattended i would lock this up in a locker if available. Many places will make you pay a small amount of change to lock the locker. But it's always worth the 25-50 cents (give or take a little) to protect your iPod, phone, or other valuables from theft or getting wet. I wouldn't bring this unless I plan to relax by the pool for a while and listen to some music. 

Phone- Always a great idea in case of an emergency. Or to text some friends while your sitting by the pool. But same with the iPod, it's best to lock it up when left unattended. 

A small amount of money- you may sometimes need this to get into the pool or onto some beaches, depending on the place. It's always nice to have some change with you to lock up your locker if needed. I wouldn't bring any more then $10 (in american dollars)

So these are the things i like to bring to the pool with me. What do you like to bring to the pool with you? Let me know if you feel I've left anything out. I'm always open to suggestions. 

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