Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Get your purse out of the way, and off the floor

Sometimes when I go out to a restaurant, and especially when I'm at school. There is a very limited amount of space on the table or desk. There just isn't always enough room to put your purse on the table without it getting in the way. While could put in on the seat next to you, hang it off of your chair, or put it on the floor there still has to be a better place to put it. I mean, if you can't put your purse on the seat next to you if someone is sitting there, LOL. And sometimes it can be difficult to hang your purse off a booth in a restaurant (and then your purse is behind you, where you cant really keep as good of an eye on it). And I don't like putting my purse on the, sometimes very dirty (especially at school), floor where it can get stepped on or kicked around. So where can you put your purse when your out to eat, or at school/ work? 

purse mate hangers

Last Christmas, my mom gave me these hooks that can keep my purse off of the floor when I have limited space to put my purse. They were actually very inexpensive, I believe they cost no more then $2.00 (american dollars) for a pack of two! And the ones that i have can hold up to 30 lbs on one hook!  They are small enough to fit in your purse (they could even fit in your make-up bag or even your wallet, depending on the wallet) and they have nearly no weight to them at all. They hang off of the table, taking up almost no room at all and keep your purse securely in place and off the floor! You can even use them to hang your purse off of your desk, dresser, or vanity if you have limited space for your purse at home! 

If you are interested in a set of purse hangers you can always find them on sites like Amazon or eBay. If you are not an online shopper, you may also be able to find them in stores like Big Lots for rather cheap.

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