Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Schedules

So this may sound a little crazy, but I am working on creating a summer time schedule for myself. I feel that this would be a great way to not only manage time a little better, but also to make sure that I will work on my summer goals, and so that going back to having a stricter schedule in August won't be as big of a deal, or as draining. 

So I have to admit, that I have tried this in the past and it hasn't worked out very well for me. I think that my problem was that the schedule was WAY to strict, and also rather unrealistic. I would follow it for about a week, but then I would just get tired of it, literally. I had my wake-up time set way to early at 7:00 am, as well as my bed time.  I scheduled workout time everyday for an hour, way to much when you are just starting off. I had a set time to spend outdoors, and for web browsing, and even for eating! I also tried setting the 3 meals a day plus a snack standard for myself, epic fail, LOL. Crazy right?! But my point is, when creating a summer schedule, it's best be realistic and flexible with it. And come on, it is summer vacation, so why follow such a strict schedule every day? 

A summer schedule shouldn't be so strict as to say, you have to do this on this time on this day. For example, you shouldn't force yourself to workout everyday from 10:00 am- 11:00 am, especially if your body isn't use to working out. Nor should you have a certain time to eat, or do anything else. A summer schedule should be more of a to do list of things you'd like to get accomplished every day, or every week. It wouldn't hurt to try and do certain things around a certain time of day as well. For example, reading a chapter or two from a book you enjoy (or that dreaded summer reading book from the school, just to get it out of the way, LOL) before bed. Or to have breakfast (very important!) slightly after you wake up, and make your bed a little bit after breakfast. 

The only thing I'd really put a set time for is waking up. Primarily so I don't just sleep the day away and sleep until 2:00 pm or later! Having a set time to wake up during the summer can also help for when school starts again, when you have to get up early. It's important to be realistic and choose a time where you'll feel as if you've still slept in. Saying you'll wake up at 7:00 am, unless you're an early bird or have to get to work in the morning, just seems unrealistic and crazy during the summer. 10:00 or 11:00 would probably be more reasonable. But of course, that all depends on you. But don't forget to go to bed at a reasonable hour as well. Though I wouldn't pick a set time to go to bed,  at least not until August approaches, I do like to have a one to two hour time frame in which I should go to bed. For me I'd say between 2:00 and 4:00 am (LOL, late/ early right?) 
*as back to school season approaches I'll be doing a blog on preparing for getting back on school sleep schedule. 

Here is an example of what the average day would look like for me:

♥ Wake-up around 10:30 a.m.
♥ Eat breakfast, most important meal of the day! 

♥ Make my bed so I'm not tempted to go back to sleep, LOL
♥ Take a nice hot shower to wake myself up
♥ Relax a bit :)

Noon, around 12:00-ish
♥ Have a little 15 minute workout *at least twice a week, preferably on Mondays and Thursdays
♥ Eat Lunch
♥ Do any cleaning that may need to be done. 
♥ Relax outside for a bit if it's not raining. 

Afternoon (wait are Noon and Afternoon the same thing? LOL), around 3 or 4:00-ish
♥ Have Dinner
♥ Work on my blog when I have ideas

Evening/ Nighttime
♥ Relax on the computer
♥ Read a little bit before going to bed
♥ Try to get to bed around 2-4 am. 

This is just the general list of things I'd like to do daily. Things can always be added or put into a different time :) A summer schedule should be based off of your wants and needs, and help you to have a great and productive summer :) Just remember to be realistic, and be flexible! 

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