Sunday, July 29, 2012

Glambitious Life: My Back to School Nightmares

Hey everyone! Starting this week I will be posting back to school blogs, and I'll also try my best to post more often. I'll be posting on things from preparations, morning routines, and many other school survival blogs within the next 3 weeks, and I'll also continue with school blogs throughout the school year.  Feel free to leave some suggestions as to what I should do school blogs on and I'll try my best to get to them as soon as possible. Back to school blogs are one of my favorites to read, as well as ones that I am VERY excited to write. To kick off my back to school posts, I'd like to write a get to know me kind of post, about something that just seems to happen to me every year, back to school nightmares!

Every year, usually around mid-July, I start getting these crazy dreams about the first day of school. And in these dreams, something always seems to go wrong. If it's not the fact that I haven't gone back to school shopping and don't have a cute new outfit and school supplies for the first day, or i showed up to school in my pajamas, there's always something that just doesn't go right. Like waking up too late, or looking at the clock when I'm not even half way done getting ready and realizing that I already missed half the day. Or that I wore a really nice outfit, but forgot to do my hair and make-up! Or it could be that I showed up 30 minutes late to every class because I got stuck at my locker, or I just spent to much time talking to my friends and didn't even hear the bell, LOL. It could even be that I took out my phone and just really randomly started texting in the middle of a class and got my phone taken away. LOL!

So I would definitely say that I do get at least a little anxious about the first day of school, as many others probably do too.  Even though I know I never would show up in my pajamas, or be that late to school, or forget anything on the first day. And I'm almost certain that I'll have a new outfit and all my basic supplies by the time the first day rolls around. Does anyone else get these crazy dreams about back to school?! Of course I also have the crazy dreams at the beginning of the summer that the school year has been extended and we have to come back for a few weeks, I get so mad! LOL! I need to stop eating sweets before bed. 

How do you guys like these get to know me kinds of posts? If you like them I could do them a little more often. And also as I get more into back to school posts, and back to school season comes more into full swing. It's still good to enjoy the last few weeks of summer, while making a few preparations. :) I can't wait to write more back to school posts! 

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